Patricia Stoj

Fellow IDTA Ballet, LIDTA, AIDTA and Adjudicator.

Principal, Patricia Stoj School of Dance.

We are a well established and popular dance school in Huddersfield, training children in ballet, tap, modern jazz, theatre craft and gym to the highest standard. Fully qualified member of the IDTA (Fellow) and Adjudicator. Be a part of a successful and friendly dance school. Classes to suit the age and ability of your child. There is sure to be a place for you. Setting the standard for your child’s future in dance.

We pride ourselves on teaching local children from around Huddersfield the art of theatre dance. We inspire and nuture the young dancer in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Established for 27 years, we have become a popular choice for parents and pupils. Teacher training with Jennifer McCrow for Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz up to LIDTA and Fellow Ballet with Vanessa Hooper up to FIDTA.

We look forwards to meeting new pupils and watching them develope into mature disciplined dancers.

As a dancer worked on Costa Cruise liners to Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, West Africa, USA, South America and Caribbean as head girl. Toured Europe, Spain, Italy, France. Middle East, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain. Resident dancer in Japan.

BBC, Granada TV and ITV in dramas and sitcoms.